Sunday, November 29, 2009

about my wife

My wife Meena was a medium ht beautiful lady, with an extremely impressive personality containing all features of a typical kannada brahmin woman, including her hair style. At the age of 28, she stood with a figure of 5 feet and four inches, with very fine and evoking womanly assets of 38-29-36.Her waist had developed little fat on all sides, which made her belly very attractive and sexy from all fronts, which became even more curvy due to development of tyres like curves on both sides.Meena had a clear & clean complexion, which was more or less fair and her fair chest was gifted with two round boobs like two moons which anybody would like to climb upon or call them two beautiful pillows where anybody would like to rest upon. Her breasts were terminated by two big brown nipples backed by very prominent honey colour aureola. Her large and round smooth boobs had developed a little sag but that only added more beauty to them.She was careful in wearing saree (that is what she wore all the time) but owing to her tall figure, a lot of her curvy waist remained unexposed along with the round navel falling three inches above her saree waistline, which appeared like a black spot on her clear, slightly protruding stomach or belly and enhanced her sexiness. Her round navel was no less then a beauty mark.Meena was not like sleevless blouses and always wore normal fitting blouse buttoned at the front. But her blouse had to combat with her projected heavy pillows and could partially (80%) succeed in covering them. Some portion of her breastline and popping, big, gracious, boobs remained unexposed, even when her blouse got some support from her brassiere.Her curvy waist stood firm on her ass which contained two massive round globes i.e. buttocks.She had tall, fair very creamy and healthy legs supporting her giant robust figure. Meena was tall, wide and dazzling woman. Her hair were long, black and fell near to her big ass, and they were tied up loose, like most of the typical malayali women. When she wore silk saree, words could not describe her beauty.Her silky, healthy and meaty arms were another addition to her sexuality.Her blouse always exposed some portion of her back too.Her smiling, beautiful face was decorated with two sensuous lips on which Meena usually applied red lipstick, although she never applied heavy make-ups on her face, otherwise.She possessed a pair of thick, creamy and healthy, hairless legs, which terminated just below her round ass globes and posed her tight, little hairy cunt decorated with two pink pussy lips.

Each and Every one in the colony had special admiration for her round , firm , swaying and massive boobs . she likes to show off her boobs to everybody and wants feel proud if they gaze at her. She had a beautiful figure of 38-29-36 with lot of sex appeal and fleshy at the right places. Her boobs were quite round firm with two brown naughty nipples, become erect very often. She used to wear sarees mostly, of any type sometimes even silk or chiffon concealing her greater part of waist and a deep round navel.Her blouses were normal sometimes sleeveless, tightfitting mostly buttoned from the front, revealed some part of her massive round breasts.She there fore took special care in wearing bra very often white and sometimes black.My wife Meena had large buttocks and never liked her butt crack to be exposed.she had a significantly good height of 5’-6” and her saree waistline used to be two inches below her navel. Only during heavy breeze she used to have problems when her saree pallu and to some extent her petticoat used to fly off revealing her fantastic figure. Her blouse used to expose her long fleshy arms with velvety skin and she had a set of red rosy lips which anyone would like to suck. Lips were usually made more red with a red lipstick of her choice. Apart she had a stunning, beautiful face with always a charming smile, appealing large eyes.Her captivating beauty captured many hearts including my friends, neighbours in our street or other strangers like public. Her beautiful, curvy figure used to be good feast to the eyes of other travelers and passers by.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

kanthri telugusex

we feel that the telgu actress are very sexy . T hey ar e having very sexy and curvystructure like and marble and glass. sneha is very hot and myfavourite actress .